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Hospitality-Restaurant Consulting-Disclaimers

 Schedule a SKYPE consultation or coaching starting at $49.00 p/h all payments in advance via INTERACe-transfer or PAYPAL.

Fixed service package starting from $495.00, that may include quick feasibility suggestions or improving existing restaurant business concept/menu (max up to 10 h). Assistance in buying selling restaurant business. Assistance in hiring chefs’ cooks or managers.

Addition Extended Service:

Assistance developing a successful business plan, hotel B&B or restaurant F&B concept development, tasting menu engineering, product R&D, project management, staff hiring, and training.

Custom Signature Products Development.

Recipe Flavor & Test Trend Analysis.

Help with restaurant kitchen design.

Food Supplier Relationship Building Strategy

Cost Optimizing increasing business profitability

Staff Hiring /Training

Management and Operational Consulting

Culinary Workshop, interactive cooking classes.


Fees range from $49.00 to $250.00 per hour depending on the level of expertise required for the service (minimum hours per day or per week, traveling cost extra), retainer package pricing available.



TDPremier (TD Hospitality Consultant) owner/representative, consultant/chef/project manager is a promise to provide professional service according to his capability knowledge, availability, and circumstance.

We promise to help you as much as possible (according to the contract), and we would like to see your business successful and profitable.

The restaurant business is a risky one, and success depends on many circumstances.

TDPremier (TD Hospitality Consultant) or Tomislav Dragosavljevic assumes no liability for the availability or freedom from troubles of the services offered by client or customer roof. Nor does assume any responsibility or liability that the services by law (LCBO, HACCP, FSR regulations must be followed) offered by one of the partner enterprises under complies with statutory regulations.

 The consultation service is meant solely as a form of advice and direction with the concept of self-help, that includes but not limited to direct business owner consulting, chef placement or food concept and menu development. We are not liable for errors and omissions or others or any monetary loss.

There are no warranties and liability that extend beyond the contract description (if not in formal writing specific warranty, legally signed by both parties in the presence of legal representation), the fact harrower.

Please consult with your legal representative and chartered accountant, regarding hospitality-restaurant business investment.

Payment options (retainer prepaid service) are available via Interac e-transfer, direct deposit TD Bank, check or cash, payment in advance is required.

 Tomislav Dragosavljevic