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Hospitality Business and Leadership

Inspiring and Guiding Individuals and Groups

People with this competence are:

• Articulate and arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission

• Step forward to lead as needed, regardless of position

• Guide the performance of others while holding them accountable

• Lead by example and be able to make sound decisions despite uncertainties


Self-regulation means managing impulse as well as distressing feelings. It depends on the working of the emotional centers in tandem with the brain’s executive centers in the prefrontal areas. These two primal skills – handling impulse and dealing with upsets – are at the core of five emotional competencies:

1. Self-control: Managing disruptive emotions and impulses effectively

2. Trustworthiness: Displaying honesty and integrity

3. Conscientiousness: Dependability and responsibility in fulfilling obligations

4. Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change and challenges

5. Innovation: Being open to novel ideas, approaches, and new information