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Consulting Team

-We collaborate with the team of local professional engineers, architects, designers, general contractors, food suppliers, marketing and promotion agencies.

Leader: Tom Dragosavljevic is a hospitality and restaurant consultant. An entrepreneur, master chef, and special events in the home catering business owner with European gastronomic roots.

A spirited visionary with extensive professional experiences, and expertise in the hotel restaurant, and catering business. A Culinary Art and food business innovator, possessing great knowledge of business operations, and consumer needs in various market segments. A pragmatic and strategic leader, critical thinker, diplomatic communicator, respected mentor, empowering others to be successful.

Tomislav is professionally trained in Hospitality, Business Strategy, and Microeconomics. He earned an Advanced Level Culinary Art, Canadian College Diploma with honors. Also, certification in Gastronomy Food Science, Holistic Medicine, and Business Strategy Analysing. He is a Red Seal Certified Chef, recognized from the World Master Chef Society (WMCS), and a p/m of CMC Certified Management Consultants of Canada. 
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Toronto / London / Kitchener. Ontario, Canada
Munich / Bavaria, Germany