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Restaurant & Culinary Consulting

Project Management and Culinary Advice

  • Assist in developing business plan, menu or improving an existing concept
  • Custom signature product development
  • Recipe aromas & test trend analysis
  • Corporate Chef to Chef relationship building strategy
  • Cost optimizing
  • Market research assistance
  • Training and operational managing
  • Culinary workshop and professional development seminars
  • Restaurant, Hotel, Culinary school start up process assistance
  • Existing restaurant turnaround solutions


Entry stage: This stage includes data gathering, problem identification and analyzing

Preliminary diagnoses: Developing an assignment strategy plan and preparing proposals 

Implementation stage: Implementing tools and techniques while looking at how to manage change among your restaurant and valuable employees

Evaluation: Evaluating the plan, what is working/what is not working, Making adjustments as required

End of project: Here you will be confident in moving forward with your newly designed food business plan, and will have all the tools required to continue to offer an exceptional dining experience to your guests!  

Follow up: I will check in with you from time to time to ensure everything is operating as planned, available to provide any feedback or advice that's required!

What’s in it for you? The job is done according to your expectations. You will notice new and heightened levels of service, as well as increased revenues, guest satisfaction and most importantly increased profits  

Tomislav can help you start your business and move towards a successful and long lasting future! He can help you create:

  • A new business plan with a clear vision for a restaurant concept and cuisine style
  • Professional marketing research with strategic planning and project management regulation
  • Reach financial stability to complete projects 
  • Recommended a team of professionals
  • Depending on the project complicity, location, and city regulations, the ability to recommend highly competent team players and subcontractors!

Some Tips for starting a successful business:

  • Restaurant rent affordability should be no more than 8% of total sale
  • Ensure demographics match your concept requirements, customer’s profile
  • Situate yourself close to major market generators in the neighborhood, attractions or shopping center, this offers convenience for customers
  • A sound business plan
  • Stable financing during phase of development project, and minimum 6 months after the opening, or public operational service period.

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TDPremier owner / representative, consultant / chef / project manager is in promise to provide professional service according to his capability knowledge, availability, and circumstance.

We promise to help you as much is possible (according to the contract), and we would like to see your business successful and profitable.

The restaurant business is a risky one, and success depends on many circumstances.

TDPremier assumes no liability for the availability or freedom from troubles of the services offered under client or customer roof. Nor does assume any responsibility or liability that the services by law (LCBO, HICCP, FSR regulations must be followed) offered by one of the partner enterprises under complies with statutory regulations.

 The consultation service is meant solely as a form of advice and direction with the concept of self-help. We are not liable for errors and omissions of others or any monetary loss.

There are no warranties and liability (if not in formal writing formal specific warranty, legally signed by both parties in the presence of legal representation), and we can't promise future outcome regarding business performance on the market,but we will share our knowledge and skills according to mutual legally signed and valid contract.

Please consult with your legal representative and chartered accountant, regarding hospitality-restaurant business investment.