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Hospitality / Master Chef Consultant Service

My goal is to make sure your restaurant food business is successful and profitable.
I'll do my best to provide you with exceptional service at the most affordable prices. 


I can help you grow your hospitality-restaurant business:

·         Restaurant business startup, concept and menu development.

·         Management consulting.

·         Chefs recruitment and training.

·         Assisting in strategic design for the hotel-restaurant commercial kitchen.

·         Assisting in the development of strategic business expansion plan.

.         Sales marketing and Trends Analysis.     

·         Private interactive culinary art classes, modern haute cuisine.



T:1 226 998 1131 

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LinkedIn-Facebook- SKYPE communication: Tomislav.Dragosavljevic

Want to start restaurant food business, increase your business's profitability, or find out how to improve culinary concept or menu? Schedule a SKYPE consultation or coaching. I will be happy to help you.

My service is tax-deductible to your business.
At first, email me your request, then we can schedule SKYPE communication.

Toronto / London / Kitchener. Ontario, Canada
Munich / Bavaria, Germany



Restaurant Food Business Consultant
& Culinary Service

London. OntarioCanada
Starnberg. Bayern. Germany


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